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How We Created Our Squads?

The need for animation as a medium in digital marketing has increased considerably since the Covid-19 pandemic began to strike in 2019. We as an animation team in IniDia Studio at that time needed additional squads to work on the animation project that came. But what we face is the difficulty of finding the right squads to help us, especially on working remotely.

Human resources in the animation industry in Bali in our opinion is still difficult to find,

if there is, maybe only a handful of them actually have sufficient skills and that too must be fought over with other animation studios. The animation human resources crisis is quite alarming.

Early in 2021, we gave trust to the Balai Diklat Industri Denpasar and in holding animation training (Diklat) to produce animation human resources who are competent and ready to work. Due to the minimal duration of the training, in our opinion, the participants' absorption of the material was not intense.

Then we decided to create the CGNTM Academy Intermediate Program where we chose the best participants (who have animation skills that can be improved, have an interest in animation, and have good communication skill and attitude) during the training for us to retrain intensively by the experienced competent instructor from the IniDia Studio Team.

Of the several classes that have finished, we feel a significant increase in participants.

Therefore, we will provide this CGNTM Academy Intermediate Program in the future to produce more quality human resources that suit the needs of the animation industry.

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