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IniDia's Internship Program

When we talk about internships, what do you have in mind?

For us, an internship is a symbiosis of mutualism, where internship members get new skills or at least their skills will improve by helping to do the work in our studio. They got a new skill and the project in the studio becomes lighter. As simple as that.

But what happens in the reality is not that easy.

Approaching the semester break season, vocational high school students and final-year students will begin to be busy looking for internships or Industrial Practices following their respective fields and expertise.

And on that period, starting from email, Instagram Direct Message, to the office Hotline will be filled with applications and questions about internships. Not only that, during the season of internships, we will be visited by groups of students who "beg" to be accepted for internships at IniDia Studio.

Sometimes we think about how special is IniDia Studio that they are so interested in applying to become internship members?

After we have reviewed it, our former internship members seem to be considered several things to intern at IniDia Studio. What are they?

Flashback a few years ago, 2017, the first year we started developing IniDia Studio. At that time, we still needed to learn many things, understand our business and our team, map out our business’s direction, look for relationships, and manage interns ?! Yes, even at that time we were confused about dividing each other's desks, and some people wanted to become interns at IniDia Studio which made us even more confused.

They are teachers at one of the vocational schools in Bali. When we ask them why they were interested in interning at InDia Studio even though our studio was still new at that time, they answered that this internship activity is one of the requirements of the school for vocational school teachers where they are required to have dual skills, there are academic skills and technical skills. Then we ask “what do you want to learn here?” And they were confused and answered, “yes, just a little animation technique”.Well, because we are both confused we decided to provide basic animation material. After that, we just understood that they just need a certificate or a statement that they have participated in internships at IniDia Studio, which is an animation studio.

The internship activity which lasted for three months just passed, we did not feel any benefit for us, the studio, or the internship members themselves.

Furthermore, we were faced with interns, vocational school students with skills that we can conclude did not reach 20%. Honestly, we were quite confused to give them the task. Involve them in the projects we are working on is a BIG NO NO. Let them provide domestic tasks, such as making coffee, photocopying documents, and cleaning the room?

Of course not, they are not applying as an office boy in our studio by the way.

The next story is that we accept final-year students as interns, with the skills they have, they can still be involved in the project. And surely there are other obstacles, ATTITUDE.

Attitude in our opinion, even according to most people, is the most important thing. Apart from that, our concern is on communication. When either one of the team members or interns can't communicate properly, that's where the chaos begins.

Of the many things we have faced in receiving and handling interns, we are a bit traumatized. Honestly, we are insecure enough to accept interns for some time. However, life goes on. In the end, we tried to get rid of all those worries because it was difficult to find new talents around us.

So the conclusion is that interns are just apprentices to fulfill the requirements of their school or agency. It is very rare to find those who are looking for relationships or want to learn new things.

Because we don't want to waste our time or members who are interning at IniDia Studio, finally we try to design an internship program for students and final-year students. In the program, we don't involve them in the project but guide them in mindset, skill, attitude, and communication to generate an initiative project. They come without skills and come home with skills is our goal.

And until now we have implemented the internship program to produce new talents with industrial quality work.

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