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IniDia's Ways in This Pandemic

It’s more than a month now we doing Work From Home and it feels like we miss our team so much. Doing teamwork online is neither easy nor difficult, but it seems like we enjoy it. So here are some tips to share about our ways to manage our “small team” in this pandemic.

Here we go!

1. Maintain good communication

We all know that good communication is very important, so there is no misunderstanding. At this time, it is important to make ourselves accessible to all team members so they can approach us with any issues they may have.

Besides, get used to sharing about ongoing projects, deadlines, and everything about work to team members. This is good so that all team members are accustomed to communicating, give and receive feedback, and most importantly they feel valued.

2. Building a good relationship

Knowing our team members individually is important. Get to know a bit more about their interest will build a better relationship among all team members. After the video call meeting (work meeting), don’t immediately disconnect it. Take time to discuss things outside of work such as hobbies or current issues can also improve relationships among team members.

3. Manage conflict

All of us really sure we all don’t want conflicts between teams, especially during this pandemic, it is very troublesome to solve conflicts online. Although, the slightest problem should not be ignored so it does not become big. Finish it slowly with a calm mind and the right language and words as appropriate as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

4. Be transparent

Being transparent in this situation is good to develop a feeling of mutual respect among team members. It also makes team members feel more comfortable and happier. And being transparent can minimize conflicts among the team.

So, this is our way. May you share yours?

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