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In producing an animated film the cost and effort incurred are very much. However, if the animated film is not well promoted, then all the investment that spend on producing animated films will be in vain. For this reason, a producer is willing to spend so much money, even more than the cost of producing the animated film itself. There are 2 groups of marketing types that can be done to promote animated films, that are trade marketing and consumer marketing.

Trade marketing

A type of marketing aimed at theater owners, retailers, co-production partners, and marketing partners. When an animated film is nearing the release date the partners will help to promote the animation film to consumers. There are several types that are classified into trade marketing, such as :

Trade show/Convention

One method that can be tried in trade marketing is to come to an animation event/exhibition. The event was most likely visited by experts and important people in the world of animation. The producers usually open a booth at the event to promote the product and the partners involved. There are also producers who decide not to open a booth but they will send a proposal or a representative for presentations to visitors or potential investors.

Film Festival

Film festivals are a medium of marketing to potential distributors. Especially movie fans who can generate word of mouth publicity. One of the famous film festivals is the Sundance Film Festival. However, the main goal is that can be seen by our production and film executives can be acquired or funded. This is one way for producers to promote to people who have the strength/competency or company to distribute it.


Joining an association is one way to get a contact or interact directly with executives and some creative people. In addition, we can also find out trends from animation, as well as find out what competitors are doing. Contact with professional associations can lead to future agreements, and the presence of the studio at the association is a step so that the studio's name becomes familiar and becomes a potential partner in the future.


Advertising is another way to get distribution partners. Promoting the project that is being done and the achievement of what the studio has done can also strengthen the professionalism of the studio. Inviting partners to screen the film to be launched is also one of the marketing techniques. There are several categories of places to do advertising depending on the target audience, budget and goals of the ad, from advertisements on TV, billboards, advertisements in the area of transportation and social media.

Consumer Marketing

If in trade marketing discusses promotions aimed at potential distributors, potential license holders, and potential investors. So in consumer marketing will discuss promotions carried out directly to the customer. Promotion in this way is not always done by the studio and the producer, but rather from distributors and licensees. Before discussing this stage of promotion we must know the elements found in consumer marketing.

Personal Interaction

At this stage, the producers and studios usually do a kind of contest, then the winner is invited to tour their studio while working on the film. This makes the customer more curious and enthusiastic. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are one of the studios that have used this method to strengthen the relationship between customers and their brands.


The contrast, in this case, can be interpreted as attractive packaging or, specifically designed retail locations. This is perfect for attracting new customers to gain awareness. How they do it depends on various factors, including promotional objectives, and costs.

Product Placement

Product placement is when a brand is sponsored on an entertainment program, such as an example of a television series that uses Nike shoes or drinks Coca Cola even though the program does not explain anything about food or sports. In the animation itself, product placement can add a picture of the animation itself. One example is Ford displayed in the Dj fu game. Ford believes its presence in the game is an effective way to deliver interesting marketing messages to the target audience.

Social Media Placement

This one must not be forgotten on this day. Social media has an important role to gain awareness and database from the target market. And can interact directly with customers who will improve personal relationships with prospective customers.

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