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Why You Need Partner(s) to Promote an IP?

Developing an IP (or more) for animation studios is not easy. In addition to requiring good quality of human resources, the funds spent were also quite a lot. With so much effort put out, the animation studio doesn't want the IP to be unknown or to no avail. In this case animation studios usually need a partner role to help support their IP.

Actually there are quite a lot of companies that can be targeted to establish cooperation in IP promotion. Such as toy companies, cereals, fast food, to retail companies. Now, in choosing this partner, it would be nice if you choose a partner who has the same target market and obviously the partners who already have a track record of such success. And, it would be better to hold both types of partners together, because the more partners, the more exposure we can get.

Flashback to the 2000s, where many partners worked together to support the same animated film. Each partner will use the advantages of each field they are related to, this is useful to distinguish each partner and compete with their respective competitors - Book publishers, for example, who use books as products offered, differ from clothing companies that produce products that offer clothes. However, at the same time, the more partners we hold together the more things that must be planned together in order to produce benefits for all parties. And the thing to think about is that each partner will get exclusive rights to the IP for a number of periods.

One example of a successful animation studio in choosing a partner in each IP is Disney. Disney usually cooperates with several partners each time doing a new animated / IP film. It certainly seems very useful to assist Disney in helping their films.

For Disney, of course, it's easy to do that. However, for studios that are still developing that are not in accordance with what can be chosen, as long as they choose the appropriate and potential partners according to their respective target markets.

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